Vera Stolte

Vera Stolte ART

Vera Stolte (1979) is a flamboyant and colorful Dutch artist. She creates bold paintings. Her work is characterized by large striking canvases. Colorful portraits combined with graphic shapes. A painting by Vera Stolte is a true statement piece. This immediately grabs attention in any space.

Striking Colors

Big & Bold

If you choose a work by Vera, it reflects your appreciation for daring, energetic art and a love for unique, expressive work. You enliven your space with a piece that is both inspiring and visually attractive. Whether it's your living room, dining room, or office space: a painting by Vera adds a unique element of style and color to your interior. Truly an eye-catcher.

Vera Stolte ART

Vera possesses a potent mix of self-awareness and confidence. In this, she also aims to stimulate and motivate others. Every piece of art she creates is a reflection of her own personality: dynamic, powerful, and positive.

Vera Stolte ART

Large Paintings

Substantial works. That's where her strength lies. Her paintings stand on their own, but the real magic of Vera's art is only revealed when her paintings are placed in the right environment. Think of a space with beautiful light. For instance, a loft with high ceilings and large windows. Such an environment acts as a reinforcing element for her vibrant and large paintings. Her works are not just impressive standalone pieces, but they also have the ability to enhance and transform the spaces in which they are placed.

Vera Stolte strives to create art that people not only admire, but also genuinely take pride in owning. She fervently believes in the power of her paintings to fully absorb the viewer, allowing them to momentarily forget the world around them. It's her hope that her canvases can offer a sanctuary, a moment of tranquility and aesthetic pleasure amidst the bustle of everyday life. For Vera, creating such an experience is not just about making art; it's a way to connect with others, to give them something unique and valuable, and to leave a lasting impression on their lives.




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